Martin’s are a Mennonite family who have grown famous for grown famous in these parts for their wonderfully crip, hand-twisted, hand-baked salted pretzels.
— Vogue
New York is a notable pretzel city with soft-pretzel vendors on every other midtown street corner, but some of the best pretzels in New York are crunchy ones from Pennsylvania - Martin’s Hand-Made Pretzels, available in the Greenmarkets...crisp, plump, dark-brown pretzels...[that] Alfred Milanese said “Martin’s are the Rolls Royce of the pretzel world.”
— NY Times
Perfect handmade Pennsylvania Dutch-style Martin’s Pretzels...the standard against which all pretzels should be judged.
— Amir Hussein, Inwidget
Martin’s pretzels are to Mr. Pretzel what a BMW is to a Yugo.

These pretzels are so good they satisfy even my very picky oldest brother. They are crunchy and flavorful and are made of nothing but flour, water, yeast, and salt.
— New York Eats
Now clear your tastebuds with crunchingly crisp, palate-scrubbing Martin’s Handmade Pretzels, which are local favorites at Greenmarkets....They are best lightly salted, but the sodium-conscious can have them salt-free. They are even better spread with sweet butter or as a foil for aged cheddar cheese.
— New York Observer
Greenmarket groupies agree it’s “worth salting away your pocket change” (and it doesn’t take much) for these “rock-hard uber-pretzels” whose “perfect toasty taste” and “addictive” crispness mean for many they’re “the only ones worth eating”
— Zagat
Those who snack in times of stress will find no finer hard pretzels than the hand-twisted beauties from Martin’s.
— Business Week
Crunchy, plump and full of toasty flavor, Martin’s pretzels are superb.
— Food & Wine