Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces

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Package Size 4 lb. bulk bag
Salt Preference Salted

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Some of our customers like Martin's so much they'll take them in any shape they break into. Broken pretzels here, packed in bulk single bag

All orders will be filled and shipped within 1-5 business days. 

If you have any questions about the status of your order, please contact us at: 

ALL PRETZELS ARE PACKED AS WHOLE PRETZELS. Pretzels are fragile and will break with handling during transit. 

If you are ordering as a gift or need them to arrive mostly whole, we suggest choosing the smaller, 2.75 oz bag options as they seem to hold up better during shipping. For extra protection, order the gift tin or bucket. 

As we say at the pretzel stand, "You gotta break em to eat em!"

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Elfante
Best Pretzels EVER

We were at a friends and they had them. We tried them and were hooked. I immediately went on the website and bought a box for us. Everyone loves them and we are now hooked.

Matthew Kreuch
Absolute Best

These pretzels are absolutely the BEST things ever invented. I love the broken pieces dark. I like anything burnt and these are crazy good.

Mouse Kandel
Broken pieces = faster eating

My husband is addicted to pretzels. Once in a while I splurge and buy him the handmade pretzels and they are so reasonable to buy in bulk.
Unbelievable. Pretzels came. Pretzels are gone. He can’t even pace himself. Gawwwd.

Connie Stambaugh

Broken Pieces

Bonnie Bennett
Love the old not so much the new

Always happy with my broken pieces order, that part of my order is a 5 star. Have been ordering for years after enjoying them in my neighborhood on the upper west side for years before that. They rarely disappoint. That said I was excited to see a new product with the "flavored pieces" and bought multiple bags of the new "buffalo". The flavor is good BUT the pieces are not at all like the broken pieces bags they are TINY, so tiny for the majority of the bag I couldn't even grab a "piece" as they were so tiny. I don't need them to be all equal or big sizes but this was not enjoyable or particularly edible as you had to pour them rather than take bites. Disappointed and sorry I bought multiple.