Hand Rolled & Twisted

Our pretzels begin with a simple—and secret—sourdough recipe of flour, water, yeast and salt.  Our bakers then hand-roll and hand-twist each and every pretzel. 

The uneven hand pressure and distinctive twisting creates our signature finished texture: a pretzel with varied density, and an endlessly varied eating experience, with which no machine-made pretzel can compete. 

Other pretzels are extruded, in an attempt to duplicate the hand-rolling process, but this squeezes out the pretzel’s uniqueness, compressing the dough too evenly.

Once rolled and twisted, Martin’s pretzels are briefly boiled in water and soda—which creates the distinctive and deep pretzel-brown crust—then salted by hand before lining up in pairs on wooden peels, where they meet the rotating deck of a 550-degree stone-lined oven for about ten minutes. 

Finally, all of Martin’s pretzels are dried in a very low temperature oven, which ensures the pretzel’s thorough and toothy crunch.  In fact, a single finished pretzel is so light that it weighs less than the flour that goes into making it. 

This last step also helps preserve them: properly sealed away from moisture in a heavy bag, tin or jar, our pretzels will stay oven-fresh tasting for weeks, even months. 

All of this with no fat, no sweeteners, and absolutely no preservatives. 

Since 1935

We take pride in our work

One handmade pretzel at a time.

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