Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces

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Package Size 4 lb. bulk bag
Salt Preference Salted

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Some of our customers like Martin's so much they'll take them in any shape they break into. Broken pretzels here, packed in bulk single bag

All orders will be filled and shipped within 1-5 business days. 

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ALL PRETZELS ARE PACKED AS WHOLE PRETZELS. Pretzels are fragile and will break with handling during transit. 

If you are ordering as a gift or need them to arrive mostly whole, we suggest choosing the smaller, 2.75 oz bag options as they seem to hold up better during shipping. For extra protection, order the gift tin or bucket. 

As we say at the pretzel stand, "You gotta break em to eat em!"

Customer Reviews

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Most of the broken pieces seem to be darker than the pretzels I purchased in your bags. I happen to like the lighter pretzels better. the broken pieces also had less salt than the regular pretzels. I wouldn’t buy the broken pieces again. I like the pretzels that you sell in the retail stores in the bags better.

Ronald Friedman
Excellent Product

Disappointed that the previous 5# package has been reduced to 4# but still an incredibly good pretzel

As my son said, "A Taste of Home"

I grew up on homemade pretzels in Pennsylvania, and Martin's are the very best. We have raised our kids to discern a good pretzel from an excellent pretzel: just enough salt, hard, and a pure taste -- as though right out of the oven.

Fay Leoussis
The Best Pretzels Ever

Martin’s Pretzels are made with love and care that can be felt immediately upon opening the box!

Dylan B.
don't listen to the haters!

literally anyone who has anything bad to say about this product is a FOOL. literally the best broken pretzels money can buy. if you don't like the size or staleness BUY WHOLE ONES AND BREAK THEM YOURSELF. the fun in the broken pieces IS their unpredictable nature.
like a great man from history once said, "you never know what you're gonna get!"

-dylan b.