Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces

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Package Size 4 lb. bulk bag
Salt Preference Salted

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Some of our customers like Martin's so much they'll take them in any shape they break into. Broken pretzels here, packed in bulk single bag

All orders will be filled and shipped within 1-5 business days. 

If you have any questions about the status of your order, please contact us at: 

ALL PRETZELS ARE PACKED AS WHOLE PRETZELS. Pretzels are fragile and will break with handling during transit. 

If you are ordering as a gift or need them to arrive mostly whole, we suggest choosing the smaller, 2.75 oz bag options as they seem to hold up better during shipping. For extra protection, order the gift tin or bucket. 

As we say at the pretzel stand, "You gotta break em to eat em!"

Customer Reviews

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Debra Pobega
Remember them from green markets

Loved when they would be at lower manhattan green markets(20years ago) Would buy my pretzels every Tuesday. Then the company moved to Long Island and I couldn’t get my pretzels anymore. My son knew when in city and if he saw them he HAD to pick them up for me. Now I can order on line. The best pretzels ever.

More Broken Pieces, please!

I just moved far away from NYC and now I MUST order more broken pieces since I don't have access to the USQ Green Market! But you are out of them! Aack! I hope you will have more stock soon. I'm on my last few little broken pieces! They are addictive. The perfect small snack. Plain or with hummus. Yum!

Vince Ferra
Excellently made as always

I am a dedicated regular! I order pretzels only from you guys never anywhere else. They always come fresh, delivered quickly even was quality when they were at the substitute spot when the factory burnt down. I never have no complaints and if you love pretzels and never ordered from here before I strongly recommend you do and I’ll bet that you’ll be hooked for life. Enjoy 🙌🏆🏆

Audrey Porreca

Love Martins pretzels. The bag was much bigger than I thought it would be. The pretzels were crunchy and delicious.

Paula Szafranski
Always 👍🏻

The best pretzels every time 😀